A Cousin Reunion

(with apologies to Loch Lomond, a Scottish Folk Song)

(Some questionable scanning! I have marked the beginning of bars (the emphasis) with ‘ , a notation used in psalms.)

By ‘ yon bonny banks and by ‘ yon bonny braes
Where there’s ‘ sun, wind and rain on Loch ‘ Lomond
‘ Sue and her cousins at ‘ Ardoch all had fun
On the ‘ bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch ‘ Lomond.

Oh ‘ some came by car, and ‘ some came by plane
When we ‘ all met again up in ‘ Scotland
From ‘ Africa and China and from ‘ Jersey and the States
From Welsh ‘ Wales and from Holland and ‘ England.

Sixteen ‘ cousins with their spouses, a ‘ lean and healthy group
The pride of ‘ grandparents Constance and ‘ Edward
But the ‘ spouses struggled hard to ‘ tell them all apart
Blond ‘ wives, and all those Gees and Marks and ‘ Michaels.

Peter ‘ worried what we’d do, but there ‘’ really wasn’t time
For all the ‘ music and the quizzes and the ‘ wild wet walk
And the ‘ chat and the stories and ‘ yummy meals each day
Then ‘ speeches, anniversaries to ‘ remember.

‘ Andrew and Xudong were ‘ married in the States
‘ Jack’s hundred and second birthday to’ morrow>
And ‘ Mary too, would be ‘ 97 today
Almost’ 3 years since we first met near ‘ Fishguard.

The ‘ mystery of Frederick ‘ Arnold still haunts
But ‘ Michael’s determined to ‘ solve it
He ‘ is our half-uncle, barely ‘ known to his half-sibs
Who ‘ say that he threw melons at the ‘ ceiling.

‘ Ardoch was ideal for a ‘ gath ‘ ring such as ours
Quiet ‘ bedrooms, gracious living, lovely ‘ views
‘ Spaces to hang out, with ‘ tea and coffee and cake>
Tricia ‘ snapped us all and made us a ‘ web-site.

We ‘ lift up our glasses to ‘ Peter our host
All these ‘ cousins are quite special and un ‘ usual
We’ll ‘ surely keep in touch, so much ‘ fun and tales to tell
And next ‘ time perhaps we’ll meet out in ‘ China?

Words by Sue, June 2011

Performers: Hugh (voice); Jen (violin); Sue (piano)
Recording: Stuart