Aunt Edith

From Peter Armitage, June 2011.

Donald Armitage (1916-2010) writing about his Aunt Edith (Edward Armitage’s sister)
Edith married Richard Hewitt – a very successful (and ultimately very rich) textile manufacturer in Boston, Massachusetts. She was very prolific, and had lots of children. The only one I remember was Judith who married Doddy Allan (a radiologist) whose family business was Allan’s upmarket shoe shop in Prince’s Street, Edinburgh. The others sometimes came over to visit us at Fieldgate, but I was too you (or am now too old) to remember their names.



Richard retired in the mid 1920’s and returned to Scotland with his wife (Edith) and Judith, and bought an estate called Netherbyres in Eyemouth near Berwick-on-Tweed. It was from here that Judith married Doddy Allan. I think they had three sons, but were later divorced, and she returned to the US. Whilst in this country, Judith made several visits to Fieldgate, and was very friendly with my Mother.

My brother Andrew spent a lot of time at Netherbyres, and I went there several times. I remember it had a huge hall with an impressive staircase at the far end leading up to a gallery which went all the way round the hall, and had fourteen bedrooms off the gallery, with about as many bathrooms.

DA 17.01.2006

Peter adds, ‘The Retired Gardeners’ Association couldn’t afford to maintain Netherbyres and it gave the property to Leonard Cheshire in 2007.’ Read more >>