Wedding news

Mark Armitage and Tricia Belchere were married at Fort Bennett, Black Rock, Tobago, on Tuesday 5 June 2012.

After a day of heavy tropical rain, the sky cleared as the photographers arrived at Kariwak Village. As a result, the sunset was magnificent!

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New arrival

Charlie Donald Muller was born on 31st January 2012. He weighed in at 3.23Kg (7lbs 2 oz). His parents, Xavier & Caroline and his novice grandparents (Christine & Peter) are thrilled to welcome him into the family.

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Utter Barrister

Michael Armitage, BarristerMichael David Armitage (son of Mark Alan Armitage) becomes an Utter Barrister

On 24 November 2011 at 19:05, with the words ‘Michael David Armitage assessed outstanding’ and ‘I hereby call you to the bar and do publish you Barrister’, he became one of that esteemed group. The ceremony took place in the ancient Hall of Gray’s Inn under the watchful eyes of his proud parents in the presence of various members of the legal profession, including the Lord Chancellor Ken Clark. Michael has also been fortunate enough to find a pupillage in Monckton Chambers specialising in European Law. He hopes to gain a tenancy thereafter his pupillage ends next year.

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Charity Bike Ride

I took part in the charity 50 mile Coventry-Rugby Bikeathon on Sunday 12 June. The day dawned bright and sunny but by 8am it had clouded over and had started to rain. Undaunted, I drove with my trusty steed to the starting point in Brandon, near Coventry. By this time (10am) the light drizzle had turned into a steady downpour. After registering and meeting up with my fellow riders off we went.

To cut a long and very tough story short, it was trial by water and then, in a classic case of sod’s law, by wind on the return leg. By the time 20 miles had elapsed, I had lost sight of my friends, who were well ahead of me on their flashy racing bikes, and I was feeling somewhat demoralised. The only thing that kept me going was the fear of letting down my sponsors, who had helped me raise well over £600. The rain simply got heavier and heavier and, despite being kitted out in what was supposed to be the latest hi-tech rain gear, I eventually got soaked to the skin and very cold (it was just 10 degrees … in June!). My leg muscles were screaming at me to stop. I felt as though I was sitting on a sharp pole. Morale continued to plummet. Eventually after nearly taking a wrong turning and being put right by a young girl who was doing the ride on child’s bike with no apparent attempt at rain gear, I reached the 33 mile checkpoint at The Shilston Arms. I was desperate to, and did, take advantage of the pub’s facilities, not least a very fine pint of Black Sheep beer and of course a welcome respite from the storm.

Although very reluctant to get back on the bike, especially as a gale was now blowing, this break did restore me sufficiently to enable me limp to the end into the accursed headwind, which seemed determined to put a stop to all forward movement, and successfully completed the ordeal. This was possibly the most welcome ending to anything I have ever done, beating even ascending the 3,000 meter Mount Olympus in a gale. At the end I was rewarded with a medal for completing the course and enjoyed a complimentary pig roast. Never has pork tasted so succulent! As I drove home a very warm glow started to envelop me, not least because I had done it and raised all that money for a very good cause. It will, however, be a very long time before I put my name forward for a similar venture!

For those of you who love stats, the pedalling time was almost exactly four hours and average speed a rather feeble 12 mph (discounting the stay in the pub).

Mark Armitage
14 June 2011

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Charity Bike Rike

I’m taking part in a 50 mile bikeathon on Sunday 12 June in order to raise money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. I don’t often do this sort of thing, so if you could be so generous as to sponsor me, no matter how small a contribution, I’d be very glad and I probably won’t bother you again for a very long time about this sort of thing!

To do so just go to my page at Just Giving.

Many thanks!

Mark Armitage
7 June 2011

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Breaking News!


click image to enlarge

I thought visitors to the web site might like to know that the Armitage spirit is cascading undiluted down the generations.

Elder son James, his wife and three children Mollie, Annie and Louis emigrated to California in March. Mollie (second from the right) has set the Armitage flag flying in Los Angeles County already. Yesterday she was awarded Most Courageous Softball Player in the 2011 Malibu Riptides Coaches Awards.

Michael Armitage
5 June 2011

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Old family photos

If you have any old family photos tucked away in a drawer, it would be great to share them. Either email scanned images or post originals, which I will, of course, return to you.

Best wishes


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New arrival

Henry James Wardle born at 15.00hrs on 28 May 2011 to Katie and Jim Wardle (Katie is Tony’s daughter with his second wife Shirley). A 9lb bundle of joy.

Thanks to Peter for this news.

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Thank you Peter!

What a great weekend that was! A huge thank you to Peter for organising and hosting the reunion at Ardoch where 16 of the 17 cousins joined in the party. It was a great opportunity to chill out and catch up, not to mention the lovely location, comfortable accommodation and great food and entertainment.

So, in about three years’ time, where next?


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